Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica: Aroused

Kristin F

Now here is something truly wicked and evil. Demons. Monsters. Everything delicious and dark and worth tasting in the shadows that hide from the light of day and from the sun.

Kristin F. of Aroused is a renowned artist who touches on everything sexy and sensual, every genre around. And here at Cybrotica you will find her most delightful tales, the ones that may not find a home anywhere else. She brings to us monsters hung like bulls and horses, and the women who fear them, love them and bow to them.

Hmm? I sound a bit jealous? Well of course I am. I would love to have a lover like this here, this demon with the huge…horns. And here, these women sprawled out and reveling in the attentions of imps and incubi. Who wouldn’t want to be one of them? Those tongues, twirling so wickedly in the nethers. And the tails. And, in at least one case, the head. Human females milked for their sexy secretions. Oh that does sound yummy.

There is more within this site as well. Sit with me as we explore, hmm? Look here, xenomorphs. What delightful creature has made its way onto this spaceship and into the lives of these space faring femmes? What will they do when one of them swells heavily in her womb? You’ve really got to come inside to see. Kristin’s work is well worth more than one or two long lusting stares.

Image Strip Gallery

So you wish to know more, my travelling friend? That is wondrous news. In order to see these illicit images, I will require proper authorization and identification. If you please, go to the artist's site at Erotic Illusions and sign up for that one. Then return here with the codes you have been given for full unadulterated access to both that site and this one. After that, we will spend some quality time together within this exciting gallery, seeing what is on ... display...!

Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions


Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions